Enjoy Zong Monthly 40GB Mobile Internet Data

Enjoy Zong Monthly 40GB Mobile Internet Data | Zong Monthly Max
40GB Internet
Validity Monthly
Rs.899/- Price

Internet: Enjoy 40GB Of Mobile Internet Data (Including 20GB 1am to 9am)

Validity: Monthly

Consumer Price: This bundle price is Rs.899/- PKR

Subscribe Code: To subscribe dial *6#

Unsubscribe Code: To unsubscribe dial *310*2*3*4*3#


The Monthly Max Offer is a data package that provides a generous amount of internet data for users to stay connected with their loved ones. With 40GB of data, users can browse the internet, stream videos, and download their favorite content without worrying about running out of data. You can use the 20GB data volume between 1am to 9am only.

This bundle is available for Zong prepaid customers, and to subscribe to the Zong Monthly Max Offer, customers can dial *6# from their Zong prepaid SIM card. The package cost is subject to change, so customers are advised to check the latest pricing information from Zong's official website or customer service channels.

Once subscribed, customers will receive a confirmation message from Zong, confirming the activation of the package. The package will automatically expire after 30 days, and customers can check their remaining data by dialing *102#.

Zong Monthly Max package can coexist with other Zong data bundles, which means if you have subscribed to any other Zong data bundle, you can still use this package alongside it. However, standard taxes will apply to the subscription to this bundle.

Overall, the Zong Monthly Max Offer is a great package for customers who require a large amount of data at an affordable price.


1. To Subscribe Dial *6# or *6464#
2. To Unsubscribe Dial *310*2*3*4*3#
3. To Check The Remaining Resources Dial *102#


What is Zong Monthly Max Offer?

This is a monthly package offered by Zong that provides customers with a large amount of internet data. This is a monthly data bundle with this bundle you can enjoy 40GB of mobile internet data for a month.

What is the subscription code for Zong Monthly Max Offer?

To subscribe to Zong Monthly Max Offer, dial *6464# from your Zong prepaid SIM and select the Monthly Max Offer from the list of packages.

What is the validity of this package?

The validity of this package is 30 days from the date of subscription.

How much does the Zong Monthly Max bundle cost?

This offer costs Rs.899/- PKR per month.

What resources are included in the Zong Monthly Max package?

This offer includes 40GB of internet data (Including 20GB 1am to 9am).

How do I subscribe to this package?

To subscribe to this bundle, you can dial *6# from your Zong SIM. You will receive a confirmation message for the activation of the offer.

Can I use this package to co-exist with other Zong data bundles?

Yes, this package coexists with other Zong data bundles.

Can I subscribe to Zong Monthly Max bundle multiple times?

Yes, you can subscribe to this bundle multiple times if you exhaust your data before the package expires.

How can I check the remaining resources on Zong Monthly Max Bundle?

You can check the remaining resources by dialing *102# from your Zong prepaid SIM.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This offer is available for all Zong prepaid customers
2. The subscription will be valid for one month only
3. 40GB included 20GB of data you can use between (1am to 9am)
4. The package can coexist with other Zong data bundles
5. Standard taxes will be applicable on the subscription of this package
6. 19.5% GST (GST) applies to the usage (if applicable)
7. 16% FED applies on usage (where applicable)
8. 15% AIT (advance income tax) applies on every recharge


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