Zong Daily Social Offer

  • 1.5GB Internet
  • Duration 1 Day
  • Rs.23 Consumer Price
Internet: 1.5GB data for Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO use only.

Time Limit: No

Price: Its price is Rs.23 incl tax.

Recharge Required: Rs.23/-

Subscription Code: *386# 

With the Zong Daily Social offer, you'll get 1.5GB of data just for Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO. Now enjoy the Zong Daily Social Offer at an affordable price & the fastest internet with Zong 4G Speed during the day.

To subscribe dial *386# and reply with 1

To unsubscribe dial *386# and reply with 2

To check the remaining resources dial *102#

1. Does the package renew automatically?


2. How many times can you re-activate this offer?

Some offer multiple re-subscription are allowed.

3. What is the priority of usage for Daily Social?

It has the highest priority.

4. Who can activate this package?

Zong prepaid users are eligible for this pack.

6. Can I activate other offers along with the daily social offer?

Yes, multiple subscriptions of the same pkg are limited to a maximum of 10 times.

  • 19.5% GST (GST) applies to the usage (if applicable)
  • 16% FED applies on usage (where applicable)
  • 15% AIT (advance income tax) applies on every recharge

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