Zong Internet Packages 2022 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong is Pakistan's No.1 network in terms of the internet, which provides you the speedy internet service. It has been very popular with people because of its 4G speed internet. Most people use this network only for the internet, but this network also provides other services like SMS and call services.

It provides its Internet services to its customers in the form of net packages. Its packages are daily, weekly, and monthly. Due to the high volume of its bundles, people like to subscribe to its bundles more.

On this page, I will share with you the complete information about all Zong's mobile internet offers & also a list of all Zong net packages will be provided below.

Some types of Zong net packages are as follows:

1. AIO

2. Data Bundles

3. Social Data Bundles

AIO - These bundles are best for those users who want to use all resources like net, calls, SMS along with one offer. AIO allows you to make calls, send SMS & use the mobile internet by subscribing to one offer. 

Data - If you want to use only mobile internet data then the Zong data bundle is the best option for you because a data bundle allows you to use mobile internet.

Social Data - These bundles allow you to use only social media apps. For example, if you only subscribe to the Facebook package, you will only be able to use Facebook, and you will not be able to download or browse the net.

Zong Internet Packages Daily

Daily plans allow you to use data, minutes & SMS for one day only. You can subscribe to these plans at a very reasonable price. If you want to use net services or other services only for a day then daily packages are the best option.

Data Max - With the data max pkg you'll get 500MB internet & 500MB YouTube for Rs.52. If you want to use the internet for a whole day then daily data max is an excellent pkg for you.

Daytime Offer - Enjoy 1.5GB [Flat] data for Rs.23. You can use volume within a day & all prepaid GSM users are eligible for this pkg.

Daily GNO - Get 2.5 data with the daily good night offer, subscribers can download as much as they want within 2500MB volume for Rs.23. 

2 Hours Non-Stop - This is an excellent offer for those users who want unlimited on-net call minutes & you'll also get 1GB of data for Rs.9. You can use this pkg for 2 hours a day.

Daily Shandaar - Get unlimited call minutes & 1000MB of data with the Shandaar package. Its price is Rs.20.

Daily Social - If you want to use YouTube, Facebook & WhatsApp for a whole day then this is an excellent package for you. With this pack, you'll get 1.5GB of social data for Rs.23.

Daily Facebook - Get 1GB of social data for FB use only. If you want to use Facebook for a whole day then this Zong daily Facebook offer is best for you. Its price is only Rs.8.

Daily Whatsapp - Enjoy WhatsApp all day long with this pkg. You can use 30MB Whatsapp & 500 SMS for Rs.7.

Rozana Punjab - Get 150MB data, 40 local network minutes, 500 SMS & 500 Zong mins for Rs.37. This is the best bundle for Punjab (Central Region) users.

Free Google Maps - Now enjoy daily free google maps on Zong Super 4G network. Subscribe now & get 200MB free.

These are all daily internet bundles of Zong that you can use for one day only. All prepaid GSM users are eligible for these bundles. 

1. What is the out of bundle rate & charging pulse rate of the Daytime offer?

The out of bundle rate is Rs.0.06+T/64KB & charging pulse rate is Rs.0.001/KB.

2. Can a subscriber activate the Daytime offer after unsub GNO on the same day?

Yes, you can.

3. What will be the add-on expiry?

The validity of the add-on will be in sync with the highest validity bundle.

4. Can the user re-sub a daily offer after consumption of data?

Yes, in case of service is renewed at midnight & if the user unsubs the service after volume consumption and then re-subs the service. Service will be re-subscribed for the second time.

5. What will be the priority of the Daytime offer with other data bundles?

It has a higher priority.

6. What will be charged after all the volume is consumed?

The resources of the other bundle will be used or it will charge the default rate.

7. Is there any download limit on the Daytime package?

FUP of 1.5GB i.e subscribers can download as much as they want within 1500MB volume.

8. Can the daytime offer co-exist with other internet packages?

Yes, it will co-exist with all net bundles except GNO.

9. Is there any download limit on GNO?

FUP of 2500MB i.e you can download as much as you want within 2.5GB volume.

10. Is daily Shandaar is data bundle?

No, this is AIO bundles. In which a user will get data, minutes & SMS for a day.

11. Can a user use the Yaari call service in the daily Shandaar offer?

The charges on Yaari call are Rs.2+T/min to part B users.

12. Can a user avail voice & video calls through Whatsapp while having daily Shandaar packages?


13. Can Rozana Shandaar be used with all tariffs?


14. Can a customer avail call forwarding with the daily Shandaar?

Yes, call forwarding is available but you don't make conference calls.

15. How I can check the usage details of all Zong packages?

You can check the remaining free resources by dialing *102# code PKR 10 Paisa + T charges will be applied.

16. Does the daily social offer renew automatically?


17. Can I subscribe to other packages along with the daily social?

Yes, you can.

18. When daily Facebook offer will expire?

Daily Facebook offer will expire at midnight. It will not resume in next day. Subscriber needs to re-sub the pkg again.

19. What happens when daily and monthly SMS package resources combine?

When a subscriber activates two bundles the free resources add up and then a total of 500SMS/day will be used.

20. Which type of user is eligible for the Daily Punjab offer?

All Punjab-based customers are eligible for this pkg.

21. Is the Zong Google maps offer auto recursive?


22. Is there any daily cap on Google Maps usage?

Yes, FUP of 250MB is applicable.

Zong Internet Packages Weekly

Zong always brings new internet packages to its subscribers like daily, weekly & monthly packages. Enjoy the best weekly internet packages with the highest internet volume. 

Zong Network always offers the best packages to its users and that is why it has the most active users who like it. This Network always offers the best packages to its users and that is why it has the most active users who like it.

This network has introduced many packages for its prepaid customers which by subscribing you can get access to facilities like call, SMS, and mobile internet. 

Below is a list of all the prepaid internet offers that will help you learn more about Zong's latest weekly bundles. To subscribe to a custom Haftawaar bundle, click on the "Subscribe" button.

Weekly Mega Data - This is the highest volume (data) pkg, in which you'll get 100GB for browsing & download. This is an excellent bundle for those customers who want to download files, videos, etc from the internet. There is no download limit, you can download as much as you want within 100GB volume. Its price is Rs.103.

Weekly Pro - This is one of Zong's most popular weekly offers. I really like it because of its highest volume & resources. If you want the highest data volume or other resources for a week then this is an excellent offer for you. After subscription, you'll receive 40GB of data, 250 local network minutes, 5000 SMS & on-network minutes.

Weekly Premium - Enjoy 30GB data, 180 local network minutes, 5000 on-network minutes & SMS for a whole week. Subscribe now & use the highest volume of the internet for Rs.365.

Weekly Max - Get 25GB of data with the Zong weekly data max offer. This is Haftawaar data offer in which you'll get volume for mobile net only & other resources included. If you want to use just the internet for the whole week then this pkg is best for you. There is no limit, users can download as much as they want within 25GB volume & included a 5GB volume avail between 4am to 4pm.

Weekly HLO - If you want to call minutes, SMS & data then this is the best offer for you. Haftawaar HLO is Zong AIO weekly bundle, in which you'll get 12GB data, 100 off-net minutes, 5000 on-network minutes & SMS for Rs.300.

Super Weekly Plus - Get 8GB data volume for a whole week. This is also a data bundle. There is no limit, subscribers can download as much as they want within 8GB volume in a week. Its price is Rs.250.

Weekly Video - If you want to use just YouTube & Tiktok for a whole week then it is the best pkg for you. Get 8GB volume & enjoy the YouTube & Tiktok for Rs.150. You can use these social apps as much as you want within 8GB volume.

Weekly TikTok - This offer is only for Tiktok users. Now use Tiktok on Zong Super 4G Network at a very reasonable price. After subscription, you'll receive 1.5GB of social volume & 500MB of internet volume for Rs.60.

Haftawaar Shandaar - Enjoy 500MB data, 40 local network minutes, 500 Zong mins & SMS at an affordable price. Haftawaar Shandaar bundle is best for those customers who want to use fewer resources in a week. Its price is Rs.158.

Weekly WhatsApp - Get 500 SMS & 200MB of social data which you can use only for Whatsapp. Its price is Rs.30. There is no limit, you can use WA as much as you want within 200MB.

Super Weekly - This is a small plan for those subscribers who want to use less data volume for a week. This is a data bundle & with it, you'll get 4GB of data at a very reasonable price.

Weekly AIO - Get 4GB data (you can browse the internet as much as you want within 4GB), 60 off-network minutes (make calls on all networks numbers), 5000 SMS & 5000 on-network call minutes for Rs.210.

Haftawaar Punjab - Get 3GB of data, 100 off-net mins, 1000 on-net mins & SMS with the Zong weekly Punjab offer for Rs.155. This package is only for Punjab (Prepaid) users.

Zong's are the most used weekly packages and the main reason is that you are provided with the highest resources in these weekly offers. For your convenience, we've included all of Zong's weekly internet packages above so that you can subscribe to or unsubscribe from any custom package. The price and resource information of each pkg is listed. Zong All prepaid GSM users are eligible for these packages. 

1. Will the users subscribe to the Mega Data offer between 12am to 1am?

Yes, you can subscribe to it at any time of the day. However, the resources will be consumed from 1am to 9am.

2. Is the Haftawar Mega Data auto-recursive?


3. Will the system auto switch data session before & after Weekly Mega Data offer timings or not?

Yes, each pkg of Zong network runs as per its time & mechanics.

4. Is Weekly Pro offer auto recursive & multiple subscriptions allowed?

This is not an auto-recursive offer & multiple subscriptions are allowed.

5. Will Haftawar Pro bundle resources rollover if re-sub it within validity?


6. What is the data out of bundle rate?


7. How can I check the usage details of Super Weekly Premium?

To usage, details dial the *102# code. PKR 0.10 charges will be applicable/inquiry.

8. Will the Super Weekly Premium be auto-renewed?


9. Can I subscribe to GNO and DTO along with the Super Weekly Premium package?

Yes, you can subscribe to it with GNO & DTO. However, the resources of GNO and DTO would be used on priority in their available hours.

10. Will any offer be re-subscribed automatically if a sufficient balance is available?

Yes, all packages of Zong would be re-subscribed in case of balance availability except Super Weekly, Super Weekly Plus, Monthly Premium, Super Weekly Max & basic add-on.

11. Can postpaid users eligible for Zong weekly bundles?

No, only prepaid (GSM) customers are eligible.

12. What is the minimum charging pulse of default usage?

The minimum charging pulse of default usage is 1MB.

13. Will the Super Weekly Max be automatically renewed?


14. Can a subscriber avail conference call facility on the Weekly HLO offer?


15. Can a user use Yaari call services with Shandaar Haftawaar offer?

The rate of Yaari calls is Rs.2+tax/min to party B customers.

16. If customers have multiple AIO offers subscribed will they override each other?

Customers can use more than one AIO offer of different validity simultaneously.

17. What will be the charges of data after AIO bundles data is consumed?

The user will be charged at a default rate of the user's tarrif plan.

18. Can users subscribe to AIO packages with all prepaid offers?

Yes, you can.

Zong Internet Packages Monthly

Most of the monthly plans are subscribed by the users because their term is longer. If we talk about the number of resources in the monthly plans, then you do not get as much volume in them as you get in the weekly plans. 

But still, users subscribe to Zong's monthly internet packages because these are bigger plans in which you'll get more internet, SMS & minutes for a whole month. The price of each plan will be more or less according to its volume. Its sub & unsub codes will also be different.

All the packages of Zong 4G are amazing but in monthly plans, you'll get resources and volume for the long term. Its monthly packages are best for those users who are frequent and always need internet, SMS & calls they should subscribe to a best Monthly internet pkg or AIO pkg to avoid multiple subscriptions of packages.

Zong has introduced some monthly internet plans, the full details of which you will find below. To subscribe to a custom Mahana bundle, click on the "Subscribe" button.

Monthly Pro - This is the most popular Mahana offer in which you'll get the highest volume of data for a month. Get 40GB of data (you can download as much as you want within 40GB volume), 6000 off-net minutes (make calls on all numbers), 10,000 on-net minutes & SMS (make calls on all Zong numbers & send SMS to all network numbers) for Rs.1110. This is an excellent offer for those customers who want more resources because Mahana Pro allows you to use resources such as calls and SMS mobile Internet for a whole month.

Monthly Max - Enjoy 40GB [Flat] data for a month & you can download as much as you want within 40,000MB volume. You can use 20GB volume between 1am to 9am. Its price is Rs.900.

Monthly Super - Get 20GB data, 6GB YouTube (you can watch your favorite videos on Youtube as much as you want within 6GB volume), 4GB Whatsapp, 450 off-net mins, 5000 SMS & on-net mins for Rs.1300. Subscribe to it and enjoy Youtube, Whatsapp, call minutes, SMS & mobile data for a whole month at a very reasonable price. This is an AIO bundle in which you'll get more resources & volume.

Monthly Supreme - Enjoy 20GB [Flat] mobile data, 300 local network minutes, 5000 on-network mins & SMS for a whole month without any hassle. Subscribe now and enjoy fast internet on زونگ. Its price is Rs.900.

Mahana 20GB & 5GB Offers - These are two different plans in which you'll get a specific type of data that allows you to browse the Internet. You can subscribe to one of these two plans as per your requirement. The Monthly 20GB Offer price is Rs.575 & the Monthly 5GB Offer price is Rs.300.

Monthly Social - Get 12GB of social data, 35 off-net mins, 250 & on-net mins for Rs.200. This 12GB volume enables you to use [WhatsApp Facebook IMO] for a whole month. If you want to use these social media apps then this is the best bundle for you. You can activate it at a very affordable price.

Monthly Super Card - Subscribe to it & enjoy 10GB [Flat] mobile internet data, send 5000 SMS to all network numbers, 5000 mins make calls on network numbers, 250 mins for all networks. Its price is only Rs.700.

Monthly WhatsApp - Zong is offering its users three monthly internet plans in which they can use Whatsapp. If you just want to use WhatsApp then these are the best packages for you. The resources and volume of each package are different.

Monthly Facebook - This is a great offer for Facebook users who by subscribing you will be able to use Facebook without any worries for a whole month. With the Zong Monthly Facebook offer, you'll get 6GB volume for [Facebook] use only (subscribers can use Facebook as much as they want within 6GB volume) for Rs.113.

Monthly IMO - With the Mahana IMO offer, you'll get 2500MB data just for IMO use. This is the best package for those users who want to use just IMO for a whole month. All prepaid GSM customers can subscribe to this IMO Monthly pkg. Its price is Rs.70.

Mahana Punjab - With the Zong Mahana Punjab offerGet 4GB mobile, 3000 on-net mins, 400 off-net mins, and 3000 send SMS to all networks for Rs.575.

Monthly Supreme Punjab - Enjoy 10GB mobile internet (subscribers can download as much as they want within 10GB volume) 12GB Youtube, 5000 On-Net mins (make unlimited calls on all Zong numbers) 400 Off-Net mins (make calls on all other networks) 5000 (send unlimited SMS to all networks) for Rs.1000 only. This is the best bundle for those Zong users who want to use Youtube, mobile internet data, call minutes & SMS for a whole month. This pkg is only for Punjab (central region) prepaid users.

Now enjoy the fastest mobile internet for a whole month on the Zong network without any hassle. This network is offering you monthly internet packages at a very reasonable price. Here you will find all the monthly internet plans of Zong. This network always brings the best bundles to its prepaid & postpaid customers. You can easily sub or unsub to these plans by using a code. Each monthly package has a unique activation code. Along with Zong internet packages, you'll also be given call minutes & SMS.

1. When will the default rate be charged?

The default rate will be charged after the expiration of the data pkg.

2. How I can check the usage details of the monthly packages?

To check the usage details dial *102# & the charges of this service will be PKR 0.10+T/inquiry.

3. Is free resources rollover functionality available in the Monthly Super offer?

Yes, it has a resources rollover functionality.

4. Is Mahana Supper offer auto recursive?


5. What is the usage priority of the WhatsApp offer with other offers?

Usage priority of GNO, DTO & data share offer is higher than Mahana Whatsapp pkg. Usage priority of the Monthly WA offer is higher than all other Zong packages.

6. What is the out of bundle rate?

OOB rat is PKR 1+T/MB

7. Is the Monthly Facebook offer auto-recursive?

Yes, with 7 day suspension period.

8. Can the monthly Facebook bundle data be utilized on FB messenger?

Yes, the data resources of Mahana Facebook pkg can be utilized only on FB & messenger.

9. Are Mahana Punjab & Supreme Punjab offers available to all Zong prepaid users?

No, these offers are only for Punjab-based prepaid users.

10. Is Facebook free on Zong?

Yes, you can use Facebook for free on Zong, but in this, you will get a limited facility. You can only use the free mode for Facebook in which you will be able to post statuses, likes, comments, chat, check-ins, and send friend requests.

11. Which type of user is eligible for Zong monthly packages?

All [GSM] prepaid users are eligible for these bundles.

12. What is Zong FUP?

FUP stands for fair usage policy & this will apply to on-net minutes 5000/week & SMS 5000/week.

13. What will be the add-on expiry?

The validity of the add-on will be in sync with the highest validity offer.

About Zong 4G Network

Zong initially worked as PakTel in 1991 via cable and wireless. It was the only telecom company to be given a free license for cellular mobile services in Pakistan. It is a Chinese telecom company that provides daily, weekly, and monthly based packages. Zong is one of the best networks for its internet packages that provides 4G packages to your esteemed customers and by subscribing to them we can use high-speed internet.

The complete information of all AIO, Data, Social Data plans of Zong is listed above which we will keep updating from time to time so that you get accurate information on the latest offers of this network. It introduces packages for two types of users whose names are as follows:

1. Prepaid Customers

2. Postpaid Customers

Prepaid plans have more of what you love, subscribe to any prepaid package & enjoy the most exciting mobile internet offers, SMS voice & AIO offers the way you want to. This page contains package information for prepaid users only.

There are postpaid mega plans that by subscribing you can get more volume for internet usage. Zong's postpaid offers you can activate only on data SIM. Postpaid plans are more expensive than prepaid plans due to their duration and volume.

About The Internet Speed

Due to the large number of users of Zong the internet speed is not equal. Sometimes the net speed becomes extremely slow & it is true that you also know that the prices of packages are increasing day by day but we are not seeing any exceptional internet speed but soon this problem will be solved. For internet usage, I prefer only two networks whose internet speed is almost better in Pakistan.

1. Jazz 

2. Zong

I personally use mobile data on the Jazz network which is a much better speed in my area than other networks & I would recommend that you choose the network according to your location. I use two websites to check the internet speed which helps me a lot to find out the best internet speed. You can also check the net speed with them.

1. Fast

This way you can easily test the internet speed of any network. You can also use a 4G Wifi Device for even better net speed. Zong MBB devices will make internet browsing convenient, quick & simpler.
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