Zong Monthly Packages & Offers 2023

If you're looking for Zong all monthly package details on google, then you're at the right place because on this page you'll find complete information about each monthly offer.

Zong has always strived to offer its valued customers the best packages that are most valuable and affordable. That's why it has introduced some packages,

for its users by activating which you can get services like calls, SMS & internet on your mobile at a very reasonable price.

Zong daily packages are small plans in which you'll get fewer resources for a day. Daily bundles are best for those users

who want to use the internet, call minutes & SMS at an affordable price. Zong weekly packages are medium plans in which you'll get more Data, Minutes & SMS than daily plans.

But Zong monthly packages are bigger plans in which you'll get more internet, SMS & minutes for a whole month. 

On this page, you will find complete details about Zong's monthly internet, calls & SMS only. These monthly bundles will include hybrid, data & social offers.

With this, you will get a lot of recourse which you can use for a whole month without any worry. Be sure to read the full details,

before subscribing to any plan so that you can sub or unsub these packages as per your requirement. The price of each plan will be more or less according to its volume.

Its subscribe & unsubscribe codes will also be different. All the bundles of Zong are amazing but in monthly plans, you get more discounts and volume.

Zong monthly plans are best for those users who are frequent and always need internet, SMS & calls. They should activate to a best Monthly pkg to avoid multiple subscriptions of packages.

Monthly Pro Offer

Zong Monthly Pro Offer

Enjoy 40GB Mobile Internet, 600 local network minutes, 10,000 on-net minutes & SMS for Rs.1250.

How To Subscribe

Monthly Super Offer

Zong Monthly Super Offer

Enjoy 20GB mobile internet, 6GB YouTube, 4GB WhatsApp, 450 off-net minutes, 5000 off-net mins & SMS for Rs.1300.

How To Subscribe

Monthly Max Offer

Zong Monthly Max Offer

Enjoy 40GB [Flat] data (subscribers can download as much as they want within 40GB volume) for Rs.900.

How To Subscribe

Mahana Social Bundle

Zong Monthly Social Offer

Get 12GB for Whatsapp, Facebook & IMO, 35 off-net minutes, 250 SMS & on-net minutes for Rs.240.

How To Subscribe

Mahana Supreme Offer

Zong Monthly Supreme Offer

Get 20GB volume, 350 local network minutes, 5000 Zong mins & SMS for Rs.950.

How To Subscribe

Mahana 20GB offer

Zong Monthly 20GB Offer

Get 20GB data (users can download as much as they want within 20GB volume) for Rs.575.

How To Subscribe

Mahana Super Card

Zong Monthly Super Card Offer

Get 10GB data, 250 off-net mins, 5000 on-net mins & SMS for Rs.700.

How To Subscribe

Monthly Whatsapp Offer

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Offer

Get 5GB volume just for WhatsApp use & this is an excellent package for those users who wants to use only Whatsapp for a whole month. Its price is Rs.80.

How To Subscribe

Whatsapp Plus Offer

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Plus Offer

Get 5GB volume just for WA + IMO use, 30 off-net mins, 200 on-net mins & SMS. Its price is Rs.160.

How To Subscribe

Zong Monthly SMS

Zong SMS + WhatsApp Offer

Get 500 SMS/day & 30MB WA/day for Rs.75.

How To Subscribe

Zong Monthly Facebook

Zong Monthly Facebook Offer

Now use Facebook as much as you want for a month within 6GB volume for Rs.130.

How To Subscribe

Zong Monthly IMO

Zong Monthly IMO Offer

Now use IMO as much as you want for a month within 2.5GB volume for Rs.80.

How To Subscribe

Monthly 5GB Offer

Zong Monthly 5GB Offer

Get 5GB of mobile internet data for Rs.300.

How To Subscribe

Mahana Shandaar Offer

Zong Monthly Shandaar Offer

Get 1GB mobile internet data, 100 off-net mins, 1000 on-net mins & SMS for Rs.420.

How To Subscribe

Monthly Call Offer

Zong Monthly Call Offer

Now make calls on all Zong numbers. With the monthly voice bundle, you'll get 100 on-net mins daily for Rs.110.

How To Subscribe

Mahana Punjab Offer

Zong Monthly Punjab Offer

Enjoy 4GB [Flat] data, 400 off-net call minutes, 3000 SMS & on-net call minutes for Rs.575.

How To Subscribe

Supreme Punjab Offer

Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer

Get 10GB [Flat] data, 12GB for YouTube use, 400 local network minutes, 5000 SMS & on-net call minutes for Rs.1000.

How To Subscribe

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Now enjoy the fastest speed internet for a whole month on Zong Super 4G network without any worry. Zong is offering you monthly internet services at a very reasonable price.

Here you will find all Zong monthly internet packages. This network always brings the best offers to its customers.

You can easily subscribe or unsubscribe to these bundles by using a code. Each Mahana package has a unique subscription code.

Along with Zong monthly internet packages, you'll also be given call minutes & SMS. Zong's most popular Mahana net bundles are as follows:

Get 40GB [Flat] mobile internet data, 600 local network minutes, 10,000 on-net minutes & SMS with Monthly Pro.

If you want to use call minutes and SMS with internet for a whole month then Monthly Pro might be a better offer for you.

If you want to use only mobile internet then the Monthly Max is a better offer for you because with this you'll get 40GB [Flat] data for net use only which you can use for a whole month.

Enjoy 20GB Mobile Internet, 6GB YouTube, 4GB WhatsApp, 450 Off-net Minutes, 5000 SMS & On-net Minutes with the Monthly Super pack.

Zong Monthly Call Packages

This network provides the best call services to its prepaid users & for this, it has introduced some call packages by which you can get better call services.

With the help of Zong monthly call packages, you can make calls on all numbers without any worries for a whole month.

There are two types of call minutes, off-net & on-net. With the help of on-net minutes, you can make calls on all Zong numbers.

With off-net minutes you can make calls on all networks. Zong's most popular Mahana call bundles are as follows:

Now enjoy 100/Day on-net minutes with the Mahana Voice offers. This is an excellent bundle for those users who want to make calls only.

Get 300 off-net minutes, 5000 on-net minutes & SMS & 20GB of data with the Monthly Supreme. You can use these resources at a very affordable price.

With the Shandaar Mahana, you'll get 100 local network minutes, 1000 on-net minutes & SMS. This pack has fewer resources but the price also is suitable.

If you want more call minutes, SMS and mobile internet data then Monthly Pro is the best offer for you. Subscribe to it and enjoy 10,000 on-net minutes.

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

SMS stands for short messages service & it allows us to send messages anywhere within a second at a very reasonable price.

Zong network is providing the best Monthly SMS services to its valued customers. The best monthly SMS packages are as follows.

Monthly Pro is the best bundle for those users who want more SMS in a month. With this plan, you'll get 10,000 SMS for all networks.

Enjoy 5000 SMS & on-network minutes, 250 local network minutes and 10GB data with the Monthly Super Card for a whole month.

Get 500 SMS/day & 30MB WA/day with the Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp package. If you want only a short message service for a month then this plan is best for you.

With the Mahana Punjab offer, you'll get 3000 SMS (send messages to all network numbers) & Zong minutes (make calls on all on-network numbers).

1. How I can check the usage details of Zong monthly packages?

You can check the usage details of any Zong package by dialing *102# code & its charges are PKR 0.10/inquiry.

2. Can a user activate one bundle multiple times?

Yes, but first of all, you need to deactivate from your current bundle and then re-sub.

3. Which type of user is eligible for Zong monthly packages?

All [GSM] prepaid users are eligible for this bundle.

4. How can I subscribe to a Zong Mahana package?

You can subscribe to any Zong Mahana plan with the help of a specific code & each pkg has a unique subscription code that helps you to subscribe to your required plan.

5. How to subscribe to Monthly Pro?

You can easily activate this offer by dialing the *1500# code after that you'll get 40GB of mobile internet data, 600 off-net minutes, 10000 on-net minutes & SMS for a month. 

6. How to subscribe to the Monthly Super bundle?

You can easily sub to this bundle by dialing the *4567# code & its price is Rs.1300.

7. How many times can an offer be resubscribed?

If it's for a different offer, users can re-sub as many times as they want within validity. If it's for the same offer, the bundle can be subscribed only after deactivation. A subscriber can sub the same offer twice a day.

8. When are the usage notification messages sent?

Subscribers will receive notifications on [20% 50% 80% 90-95%] usage.

9. How to subscribe to Zong's monthly Facebook offer?

Now use Facebook for a whole month on Zong Super 4G network. This is the best offer for Facebook users & a subscriber will get 6GB volume just for FB use. You can activate this plan by dialing *250#.

10. Can the Monthly Social offer has rollover resources?


11. Will these bundles renew automatically?

Yes, some Zong monthly offers are renewed automatically in case of balance availability.

12. What is Zong FUP?

FUP stands for fair usage policy & this will apply to on-net minutes 5000/week & SMS 5000/week.

13. What will be the add-on expiry?

The validity of the add-on will be in sync with the highest validity offer.

14. What will happen when Monthly Whatsapp resources consume?

If 4GB volume will be consumed you need to re-sub Mahana Whatsapp plan.

15. What is the usage priority of the Mahana WhatsApp offer with other offers?

Usage priority of the Monthly Whatsapp offer is higher than all other offers and postpaid Z data packages.

16. What happens when monthly & daily SMS offer resources combine?

When a subscriber activates two offers the free resources add up. Then a total of free 500 SMS/day will be used. 

17. What are Zong's international SMS charges?

Rs.6+T/SMS charges will apply.

18. What is the minimum charging pulse of default usage?

The minimum charging puls of default usage is 1MB.

19. Does the Mahana Punjab bundle have Yaari & conference call services?


20. Can the Monthly Supreme Punjab offer be available to all Zong prepaid users?

No, this offer is only for prepaid Punjab (Central Region) users.

  • 19.5% GST (GST) applies to the usage (if applicable)
  • 16% FED applies on usage (where applicable)
  • 15% AIT (advance income tax) applies on every recharge

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