Zong Weekly AIO Offer

  • 4GB Internet
  • 5000 Zong Mins
  • 60 Off-Net Mins
  • 5000 SMS
  • Duration 7 Days
  • Rs.220 Consumer Price
Internet: 4GB Mobile Internet

Zong Mins: 5000 Zong Minutes

Off-Net Minutes: 60 Local Minutes

SMS: 5000

Time Limit: No

Price: Its price is only Rs.220 incl tax.

Recharge Required: Rs.220/-

Subscription Code: *707# 

Now enjoy with Zong AIO (all in one) offer, browse 4GB mobile internet (subscribers can download as much as they want within 4GB volume), 5000 on-net mins (make unlimited calls on all on-net), 60 off-net mins & send 5000 SMS to all local networks. This is an excellent offer for those users who want to make unlimited on-network calls and SMS. All prepaid GSM users can subscribe to this AIO weekly bundle.

To subscribe dial *707# and reply with 1

To unsubscribe dial *707# and reply with 2

To check usage details dial *102#

1. How can I check the usage details of the weekly AIO offer?

To check the complete details about package usage simply dial *102# [10 Paisa + tax] will be charged per inquiry.

2. Is Zong all in one bundle auto-renewal?


3. If users have multiple AIO bundles subscribed will they ride each other?

Subscribers can use more than one AIO bundle of different validity simultaneously.

4. Postpaid customers can subscribe to this package?

No, just Prepaid GSM users are eligible for this offer.

5. What will be charges of data after all in one offer data is consumed?

A subscriber will be charged at a default rate of the subscriber's tariff plan.

  • 19.5% GST (GST) applies to the usage (if applicable)
  • 16% FED applies on usage (where applicable)
  • 15% AIT (advance income tax) applies on every recharge

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