Zong Weekly HLO Offer

  • 12GB Internet
  • 5000 Zong Mins
  • 100 Off-Net Mins
  • 5000 SMS
  • Duration 7 Days
  • Rs.320 Consumer Price
Internet: 12GB Volume

Zong Mins: 5000 on-net minutes to make calls on all Zong numbers

Off-Net Minutes: 100 off-net minutes to make calls on other networks

SMS: 5000

Time Limit: No

Price: Its price is only Rs.320 incl tax.

Recharge Required: Rs.320/-

Subscription Code: *70# 

With the Zong Weekly HLO offer, subscribers will get 12GB mobile internet volume (users can download as much as they want within 12GB volume), 5000 on-net mins (make unlimited calls on all Zong numbers), send 5000 SMS to all local networks & browse 12GB mobile internet data. This is an excellent offer for those users who want to browse mobile internet & make unlimited on-network calls and SMS. All prepaid GSM users can subscribe to this Haftawar weekly bundle.

To subscribe dial *70# and reply with 1

To unsubscribe dial *70# and reply with 2

To check the remaining resources dial *102#

1. What is FUP?

FUP stands for fair usage policies which apply on Zong to Zong minutes 5000/week & SMS 5000/week.

2. Is this Zong Haftawar offer auto-renewal?

Yes, weekly HLO is auto-renewal.

3. What is out of bundle rate?

Rs.1 + Tax/MB

4. Postpaid customers can subscribe to this package?

No, just Prepaid GSM users are eligible for this offer.

5. Can a subscriber make conference calls when subscribed to this package?

Yes, you can.

  • 19.5% GST (GST) applies to the usage (if applicable)
  • 16% FED applies on usage (where applicable)
  • 15% AIT (advance income tax) applies on every recharge

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