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Hi Friends, as you know, mobiles have made our lives much easier. With the help of mobiles, we can send messages from one place to another via Calls, SMS & the Internet.

And this is the cheapest and fastest way to send messages from one place to another. What is a call? It's also a way to talk to your loved ones. 

We use to call a lot in our daily life because with its help we are close to our loved ones even when we are away from them.

That means we can connect with our family and friends via call. Now let's talk about SMS ie short message service. 

It is also a very fast way to connect with your loved ones through text messages. We can chat with our friends via text in SMS.

And we use this feature most of the day, but wait the internet is a much more advanced and powerful way to connect with the rest of the world than these two features.

With the help of the internet, we can speed up our work but now let's talk about who will give us all these services? As you all know that

you can't get these services for free without any means, the best telecom companies in Pakistan are providing these services,

which can be priced more or less depending on the volume. These companies also provide all kinds of packages to their customers such as Internet, Call & SMS Packages.

But in this post, we will only talk about its weekly packages. Zong has been providing valuable services to its users every time.

If you want to subscribe to Zong Daily Internet Call & SMS Packages then be sure to read this post Zong Daily Packages I hope you like it.

It is providing the best packages to its customers like Weekly Internet, Call & SMS Packages. By subscribing to them

you can get facilities like SMS Calls & The Internet at a very reasonable price. To subscribe to a custom weekly bundle click on the "How To Subscribe" button.

Weekly Pro Offer

Zong Weekly Pro Offer

Enjoy 40GB Mobile Internet, 250 local minutes, 5000 Zong Mins & SMS for Rs.400.

How To Subscribe

Weekly HLO Offer

Zong Weekly HLO Offer

Use 12GB mobile internet data,  100 off-net minutes, 5000 on-net mins & SMS for Rs.320.

How To Subscribe

Weekly Premium Offer

Zong Weekly Premium Offer

Enjoy 30GB of internet, 180 local minutes, 5000 SMS & on-net minutes for Rs.365.

How To Subscribe

Mega Data Offer

Zong Weekly Mega Data Offer

Now use unlimited internet with the Zong mega data bundle. Get 100GB mobile internet (subscribers can download as much as they want within 100GB volume) just for Rs.110.

How To Subscribe

Weekly Max Offer

Zong Weekly Max Offer

Get 25GB of Mobile Internet Data for Rs.340.

How To Subscribe

Weekly Video Offer

Zong Weekly Video Offer

Now use YouTube & Tiktok for a whole week on Zong 4G network. Get 8GB of data for Youtube & Tiktok use only for Rs.260.

How To Subscribe

Weekly Plus Offer

Zong Weekly Plus Offer

Get weekly 8GB [Flat] mobile internet data for Rs.260.

How To Subscribe

Zong SAH Offer

Zong Weekly Stay At Home Offer

Get 10GB mobile internet volume & 1000 Zong Mins for Rs.120.

How To Subscribe

Weekly TikTok Offer

Zong Weekly TikTok Offer

With the weekly TikTok package, get 500MB of mobile internet & 1.5GB for Tiktok use for Rs.70.

How To Subscribe

Weekly Shandar Offer

Zong Weekly Shandaar Offer

Get 500MB of internet,  40 off-net mins, 500 SMS & on-net mins for Rs.158

How To Subscribe

Weekly SMS Offer

Zong Weekly SMS + WhatsApp Offer

Now use WhatsApp as much as you want for a week within 200MB volume & get 1300 SMS for Rs.32.

How To Subscribe

Super Weekly Offer

Zong Super Weekly Offer

Use 4GB Mobile Internet Data for Rs.200.

How To Subscribe

Haftawar Punjab Offer

Zong Weekly Haftawaar Punjab Offer

With the Haftawaar Punjab bundle, get 3GB of Mobile Internet Data, 100 local network minutes, 1000 on-net & SMS for Rs.160.

How To Subscribe

Zong AIO Offer

Zong Weekly All In One AIO Offer

Get 4GB of internet data, 60 off-net mins, 5000 on-net mins & SMS for Rs.220.

How To Subscribe

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Enjoy the internet with Zong Super 4G for the whole week without any worry. Information on all the weekly internet packages of Zong Network will be shared here.

Now enjoy super-fast internet on Zong Super 4G Network. This network always introduces the best packages to its users.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages codes will also be shared with you so that you can sub or unsub any custom package. There are two types of Zong internet plans, AIO & Data.

In AIO bundles, you can use all services like net, call, and SMS along with one offer. The best Zong AIO offer is Weekly Pro & I recommend you to subscribe to it. 

Because with this bundle you'll get 40GB volume of mobile internet in which you can download as much as you want within 40GB volume,

and apart from this also get 250 local network call minutes to make calls on all other network numbers, 5000 on-net mins & SMS.

If you are looking for such a weekly plan in which you get a lot of internet data, call minutes & SMS for a week then this might be a better option for you.

And if you want to use just mobile internet data all week then the Super Weekly Max is the best offer for you. Along with this plan you'll get,

25GB mobile internet volume in which you can browse & download as much as you want within 25GB volume at a very affordable price. I will share the complete list of each net plan below. 

Zong Weekly Call Packages

Zong provides the best call services to its customers & you can subscribe to it & connect with your loved ones. It gives you the best services that you get at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for all Zong Weekly Call packages list & complete details then you are at the right place & this network always brings the best offers for its users.

You can easily subscribe or unsubscribe to these plans by using a code. There are two types of Zong call service, on-net minutes & off-net minutes.

With the help of on-net minutes, you can make calls to all Zong numbers & with off-net minutes you can make calls to all other network numbers.

Zong Shandaar Haftawaar is the best budget offer in which you'll get 500 on-net mins (make calls on all Zong numbers) & 40 off-net mins (make calls on all local network numbers). 

If you want more call minutes for a week then Zong Weekly Premium offer is the best option for you & with this plan you'll get 5000 on-net & 180 off-net call minutes.

The price of all Zong 7 day call pkg will also be mentioned. You can activate any pkg of your choice.
Along with some Zong weekly call plans,

you'll also be given free SMS and mobile internet & these plans price is almost reasonable. If you are a Zong Prepaid user,

you have to need complete information about these offers so that you can choose the best call offer for you.

You don't have to go anywhere else for this, you can easily find complete information on each Zong weekly call bundle on this page.

Zong Weekly SMS Packages

SMS is the fastest & cheapest way to communicate with our loved ones using text messages. We mostly use this short messages service in our daily life.

Zong provides some best weekly SMS offers to its customers at a reasonable price. If you want to stay in touch with your loved ones,

with the help of text, Zong Network is giving the best daily SMS offers. Nowadays, every network is offering you SMS,

at a very reasonable price & it is the cheapest and fastest way to connect to your loved ones. If you are a user of Zong & are looking for,

a good weekly SMS offer for you then this information is going to be very helpful for you because on this page I will share with you The list of all weekly Zong SMS bundles.

This will it much easier for you to sub to these plans. If you want to sub to any SMS offer then be sure to read its all details, so that you can activate a better SMS weekly plan.

1. How I can check the usage details of Zong weekly packages?

You can check the usage details of any Zong package by dialing *102# code & its charges are PKR 0.10 per inquiry.

2. Can a user subscribe to one offer multiple times?

Yes, but first of all, you need to unsub from your current bundle and then re-subscribe.

3. Which type of user is eligible for Zong daily packages?

All [GSM] prepaid users are eligible for this bundle.

4. How can I subscribe Zong weekly package?

You can subscribe to any Zong weekly package with the help of a specific code & each package has a unique subscription code that helps you activate your required bundle.

5. How to subscribe to Weekly Max pkg?

If you want to subscribe to this offer then dial the *220# code after the subscription you'll get 25GB of mobile internet data. 

6. How do I activate Super weekly plus?

This is the best pkg for those users who want to use mobile internet for a whole week. You can easily sub to this bundle by dialing the *20# code & its price is Rs.250.

7. What is Zong all in one package?

AIO stands for all in one & with the help of Zong, AIO offers you can use internet, SMS & calls along with one offer subscription.

8. How can I subscribe to Zong Super weekly premium?

With this offer, you'll get 30GB of data, 180 off-net mins, 5000 on-net mins & SMS for Rs.365. To subscribe to the Super Weekly Premium bundle dial *225#.

9. How can I unsub Zong Whatsapp package?

If you want to unsubscribe from Zong's weekly Whatsapp offer, SMS "unsub" to 700.

10. What is the code of the Zong weekly SMS package?

With this plan, you'll get 1300 SMS & 200MB WA for Rs.30. To subscribe to Weekly SMS pkg dial *247# & reply with 1.

11. Will these bundles renew automatically?

Yes, in case of sufficient balance.

12. What is Zong FUP?

FUP stands for fair usage policy & this will apply to on-net minutes 5000/week & SMS 5000/week.

13. What will be the add-on expiry?

The validity of the add-on will be in sync with the highest validity offer.

14. Can a subscriber avail conference call facility on Haftawar Load Offer?


15. Can I subscribe to DTO and GNO along with Super weekly premium offer?

Yes, it can be subscribed with GNO &DTO however resources of GNO & DTO would be used on priority in their available hours.

16. If subscribers have multiple AIO pkg subscribed will they override each other?

Subscribers can use more than one AIO offer of different validity simultaneously.

17. Is Yaari call charged as per package plan or as Yaari call charges?

As per Yaari call mechanics.

18. What is the minimum charging pulse of default usage?

The minimum charging puls of default usage is 1MB.

19. Will the Super Weekly Max be automatically renewed?

No, this bundle will not renew automatically.

20. What is the default rate of using the internet without activation of the data bundle?

Without subscribing to a data offer the default rate charges will be Rs.4+T/MB.

  • 19.5% GST (GST) applies to the usage (if applicable)
  • 16% FED applies on usage (where applicable)
  • 15% AIT (advance income tax) applies on every recharge

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