Zong Daily 1 Hour YouTube Offer Code, Price Details

Zong Daily 1 Hour YouTube Offer Code, Price Details
1GB YouTube
Validity Daily
Rs.3/- Price

YouTube: 1GB volume for YouTube use.

Validity: Daily

Valid: 1-Hour

Consumer Price: Rs.3/-

Subscription Code: Dial the *98# code.

Unsub Code: Send "Unsub dyt" to 6464


The Zong 1-Hour YouTube Offer is a social data package that provides customers with 1-hour access to YouTube. The package includes 1 GB of data that can only be used to stream YouTube videos for one hour. Customers can use this data to watch videos, listen to music, or do any other activity on the YouTube platform.

To subscribe to the Zong 1-Hour YouTube Offer, customers need to dial *98# from their Zong SIM number. Customers will receive a confirmation message upon successful subscription to the package. The package will automatically expire after one hour or when the 1 GB of data is consumed, whichever comes first. Customers can also unsubscribe from the package by sending "Unsub dyt" to 6464.

It's essential to note that Zong reserves the right to change or discontinue the package without prior notice. Therefore, customers should check the package details before subscribing to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, any data usage outside of YouTube during the package validity period will be charged separately from the customer's account balance or data bundle. Please note that this Zong Daily YouTube Offer cannot be used for any other social media platform or internet browsing. If you want to use other apps or browse the internet, you'll need to subscribe to a different internet package that provides general mobile data.


How do I subscribe to the Zong 1-Hour Youtube package?
To subscribe to this package, dial the *98# code.

What is the Zong 1-Hour YouTube Offer?
This is a social data bundle, which provides 1 GB of data allowance for YouTube usage. This bundle price is only PKR 3 and is valid for one hour.

How many resources I'll get with the Zong 1-Hour YouTube bundle?
You'll get 1GB of social data, you can use this volume on YouTube only.

Is this package available for prepaid and postpaid customers?
This offer is only available for Zong prepaid customers.

Can I use the Zong 1-Hour Youtube Offer for other social media platforms or internet browsing?
No, this bundle is specifically designed for YouTube usage and cannot be used for any other social media platform or internet browsing.

How long is the validity period of the Zong 1-Hour YouTube Offer?
This Offer is valid for one hour, which means that you can use the package for Facebook for an hour after subscribing.

How much does the Zong 1-Hour YouTube Offer cost?
Its price is only PKR 3, which includes all taxes.

How do I unsubscribe from the Zong 1-Hour YouTube package?
To unsubscribe to this package, Send "Unsub dyt" to 6464.

How do I check the remaining resources of this Zong Bundle?
You can check the remaining resources of any Zong offer by using the MyZong application, or by contacting Zong customer support.

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